Embassy of The U. S. A in Indonesia Vacancies May 2012 for Jakarta, Surabaya & Bali Areas

Embassy of The U. S. A in Indonesia – The U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Indonesia is seeking the highest caliber staff. We offer competitive salaries and attractive benefits package. Interested applicants should review each position vacancy thoroughly to ensure that their applications include all necessary information and meet all requirements.

The US Mission in Indonesia provides equal opportunity and fair treatment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. The Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.

Open Vacancies at Embassy of The U. S. A in Indonesia in May 2012
The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta is seeking an individual for the currently available positions as follows :
A) The Vacancies are available for Jakarta Area :
  1. Development Assistance Specialist, FSN-12*; FP-3*
  2. Security Investigator, FSN-10*, FP-5*
  3. Security Investigator, FSN-9*; FP-5* Trainee Level
  4. Voucher Examiner, FSN-7*-FP-7*
  5. Visa Clerk, FSN-6*; FP-8*
  6. Information Assistant, FSN-8*; FP-6* Re – advertised
  7. Librarian, FSN-7*; FP-7*
  8. Administrative Assistant, FSN-8*; FP-6*
  9. Supply Clerk (General), FSN- 5*, FP-9*
  10. Security Investigator, FSN-8*; FP-6*
  11. Chauffeur, FSN-3*; FP-BB* Re-advertised
  12. Guard Supervisor, FSN-7*; FP-7* Re-advertised
  13. Chauffeur, FSN-3*; FP-BB* 
  14. Security Investigator, FSN-9*; FP-5*
  15. Guard, FSN-3*; FP-BB*
  16. Guard (Watchman), FSN-2*; FP-CC* 
  17. Guard Supervisor (Deputy Commander), FSN-6*; FP-8*
  18. L-Guards (Patrol), FSN-4*; FP-AA*
  19. L-Guard (Sergeant), FSN-5*, FP-9*
  1. Mail Escort in FPO, FP-AA
  2. Media Program Manager, FP-7
  3. Leased Swing Space (LSS) Move Coordinator, FP-6 (1 year)
  4. Roving Administrative Clerk, FP-9/FP-8 (WAE)
  5. Contract Investigator
  6. English Language Instructor, FP-6
B) The Vacancies are available for Surabaya & Bali Areas :
  1. Peace Corps Indonesia: Medical Secretary (Indonesian Citizen)
  2. Consular Assistant, FSN-7*; FP-7*
  3. New Consulate Compound (NCC) Move Coordinator, FP-6
  4. Information Assistant, FSN-9*; FP-5*
  5. CLO Coordinator in Surabaya, FP-7
  6. Peace Corps Indonesia: Training and Evaluation Assistant (Indonesian Citizen)
  7. Peace Corps Indoneisa: Technical Training Coordinator (Indonesian Citizen)
  8. Peace Corps Indonesia: Volunteer’s Safety, Emergency and Cultural Coordinator – SSC (Indonesian Citizen)
  9. Peace Corps Indonesia – Open Vacancies
  10. Guard (Sergeant), FSN-5*; FP-9* RSO/SBY
  11. Guard, FSN-3*; FP-BB* RSO/SBY
  12. Roving Administrative Clerk, FP-8
  13. Guard (Patrol), FSN-4*, FP-AA*
  14. Guard (Watchman), FSN-2*, FP-CC*

Submit Application Directions
You can freely apply at any position/ field above depend on your desired career choice.
For applying online, please refer to the provided link below in accordance to US Embassy Jakarta – Indonesia Career


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