Bank BRI Staff Development Program May 2012 for Yogyakarta Area

Bank BRI as today’s leading bank, BRI provides an opportunity for potential cadres to join as a potential participant with the following work program at below descriptions.

Program Announcement of Bank BRI in May 2012
A comprehensive development program designed specifically to prepare a cadre of leaders of Bank BRI in the future.
Staff Development Program Bank BRI (PPS BRI)
Location : BRI Job Expo Yogyakarta 
Date : 10 – 11 May, 2012

Qualifications :
  1. S1/ S2 Degree from the University accredited A/ B
  2. For PPS Umum, graduate from the Faculty/ Major: Economics, Law, Engineering, Agricultural Technology, Psychology, Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisipol (only for the Department of International Relations, Communication Studies, Fiscal Administration, Business Administration, and State Administration), Mathematics (only for the Department of Mathematics, Statistics)
  3. For PPS Auditor, graduated from the Faculty/ Major : Economics, Law, Engineering, Agriculture, Fisipol (Only For Fiscal Administration Department, Business Administration, and State Administration), Mathematics (only for Mathematics, Statistics)
  4. For the PPS IT, graduated from the Faculty/ Major : Computer Science, Information Engineering
    Minimal GPA : for S1 is min. 2.75 (PTN)/ min. 3.00 (PTS) or for S2 is at least 3.25 with the provisions of S1 GPA min. 2.75 (PTN)/ 3.00 (PTS)
  5. Max. age 27 years old (for S1), and max. age 30 years old (for S2)
  6. Willing to follow the selection process
  7. Single & willing to not married until 1 (one) year since Bank BRI was appointed you as permanent worker
  8. Willing to be placed around the working area of ​​Bank BRI
  9. Willing to sign a Letter of Agreement with Bank BRI if have been accepted as a participant of PPS BRI

How to Join ?

For every interested candidate, may join the program by following PPS BRI at the decided location and time that has been explained at above descriptions.

The official program announcement and the other relevant references about the program, please be accessed through BRI Job Expo Yogyakarta 2012

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