Recruitment PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan April 2012 for Jakarta, Jabar & Kalimantan

PNPM Mandiri At a Glance

PT PNM (PT Permodalan Nasional Madani) is one of state owned company that has been widely known by the people of Indonesia. PNM is the principal task of providing financing solutions to Usaha Mikro, Kecil, Menengah, dan Koperasi (UMKMK) with existing capabilities based on business feasibility and market economy principles.

Mandiri, is the name of Bank Mandiri, the largest state bank was established on October 2nd, 1998, and was the result of a merger of four state banks that collapsed due to the economic crisis in 1998 (part of the bank restructuring program) : Bank Bumi Daya(BBD), Bank Dagang Negara (BDN), Bank Ekspor Impor Indonesia (Bank Exim), and Bank Pembangunan Indonesia (Bapindo).

About PNPM Mandiri

PNPM Mandiri is an acronym (abbreviation) of Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat. About PNPM Mandiri, the public would be confused by the many terms that are equipped with PNPM Mandiri acronym sectors, namely : PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan, PNPM Mandiri Generasi, PNPM Mandiri RESPEK, PNPM Mandiri Pasca Bencana, PNPM Mandiri R2PN, PNPM Mandiri Perkotaan and PNPM Mandiri Pariwisata. All these programs are programs that support and shelter under the coordination of PNPM Mandiri.

Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Mandiri Perdesaan (PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan or PNPM-Perdesaan or Rural PNPM) is one of the community empowerment program that supports the working area of ​​the PNPM Mandiri and the goal is to target the rural population. PNPM Mandiri Perdesaan adopt mechanisms and procedures for Development Program (KDP) which have been implemented since 1998-2007.

Career Opportunities at PNPM Mandiri Pedesaan in April 2012

Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Mandiri Perdesaan is now in need of recruiting Tenaga Spesialis (Konsultan) candidates with the placements of Jakarta, Jawa Barat and Kalimantan. Please check all of the job’s details at below.

*) The Job Positions Available for Jakarta Placement :
  1. Infrastructure
  2. Micro Credit
  3. Internal Audit
  4. Financial Management Support
  5. Management Information System (Senior dan Junior)
  6. Human Resources
**) The Job Positions Available for Jawa Barat & Kalimantan Placement :
  1. Financial Management Support (Senior) – Kalsel
  2. Case & Complain Handling (Senior dan Junior) – Kaltim & Jabar
  3. Communication, Information & Education (Junior) – Jabar, Kalbar, Kalteng, Kalsel & Kaltim
  4. Infrastructure – Jabar, Kalbar, Kalteng, Kalsel & Kaltim
  5. Human Resources (Senior) – Jawa Barat
Requirements :
  • Bachelor Degree (S1) graduates, experienced in their relevant working field 5-7 years

For candidates who have interest to join the current job opportunities, please access the link at below for official detail job announcement about the required applicant’s criterias and “how to apply“.

Terms & Conditions

Job Note : Please send your complete application along with CV, copy of diploma, certificate, ID Card (KTP), NPWP & Pass Photograph size 4×6 (2 sheets) until the final submission date on April 10th, 2012 (Post Mark).


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