Bank BNI Syariah Vacancy April 2012 for Kudus Area

PT. Bank BNI Syariah, forging the 1997 financial crisis proved the toughness of Islamic banking system. Shariah principles with 3 (three) pillars are fair, transparent and beneficiaries are able to answer the needs of people in the banking system more equitable. With based on Law No.10 of 1998, on the date of 29 April 2000 established Unit Usaha Syariah (UUS) of BNI with 5 branch offices in Yogyakarta, Malang, Pekalongan, Jepara and Banjarmasin. Furthermore UUS BNI continues to grow to 28 Branch Offices and 31 Branch Offices.

Besides, customers can also enjoy the services of sharia in BNI Branch Conventional (office channeling) with approximately 750 outlets scattered across Indonesia. In the execution of banking operations, BNI Syariah still consider compliance with aspects of sharia. With the Dewan Pengawas Syariah (DPS) which is currently chaired by KH.Ma’ruf Amin, all BNI Syariah products has passed the testing of the DPS that meets the rules of sharia.

In the Corporate Plan of UUS BNI in 2000 determined that the status is temporary and will be spin off in 2009. The plan was implemented on June 19, 2010 with the operation of Bank BNI Syariah as a Bank Umum Syariah (BUS). Realization of the spin off in June 2010 can not be separated from external factors in the form of a conducive regulatory aspects of the issuance of Law No.19 of 2008 on Surat Berharga Syariah Negara (SBSN) and Law No.21 of 2008 on Islamic Banking. In addition, the Government’s commitment to the development of increasingly powerful Islamic banking and awareness of the superiority of Islamic banking products have also increased.

The Official Company Correspondence Address
PT. Bank BNI Syariah – Branch Office Semarang, Jl. Ahmad Yani Semarang 152.
Job Announcement at Bank BNI Syariah in April 2012

PT Bank BNI Syariah – Kudus Branch Office is in need of reliable Human Resources to fill the following position :

Supervisor – Kudus
  • 3 years experience in Banking & Marketing
  • Have Based Market in Kudus & surrounding areas
  • Have high morale and integrity
  • Maximum age 35 years old

How to Apply ?
For those of you who are interested, please send CV and application letter in a sealed envelope with the code “SPV” to the official correspondence address of the company that has been provided at above descriptions refer to PT. Bank BNI Syariah – Kudus Branch Office Recruitment

Please note that the job application received no later than
6 April 2012.

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