PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk Vacancy April 2012 for Riau Area

PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk or ADHI was initiated on March 11, 1960 when the Minister of Public Works set Architecten-Ingenicure-en Annnemersbedrijf  “Associatie Selle en de Bruyn, Reyerse en de Vries N.V” (Associatie N.V.), one of the Dutch-owned company that was nationalized into PN Adhi Karya. Nationalization was intended to spur infrastructure development in Indonesia.

ADHI status changed to a Limited Company on June 1, 1974 and approved by the Minister of Justice. 

ADHI was 100% owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia until end of 2003 when the Republic of Indonesia through the Minister of SOE, as the Authority of Shareholders, removed 49% of its shares to be offered to public through Initial Public Offering (IPO). This decision was followed by the registration of ADHI’s shares in the Jakarta Stock Exchange (now Indonesia Stock Exchange) which also made ADHI as the first listed State-Owned construction company in the stock exchange.

Strengthening Business Lines
Observing the external conditions including the need and want of consumers and the ability progress of the Company from time to time, then after a lengthy review, the Company set a new vision and mission. In addition that ADHI intensify to EPC business as an extended business and investment sector as expanded business. However, the construction service remains to be the core business of ADHI. 

In developing its business, ADHI always limits the area development according to the ability of its resources. These were done to maintain the commitment to provide the best quality service. In its operational activities, ADHI is supported by nine divisions spread across Indonesia and Overseas, whereas among them are directed as a specialist division, namely the building specialist, high-tech infrastructure specialist, and EPC specialist.

ADHI classifies Construction Services projects into two groups, namely :

1. Infrastructure Projects

Consists of infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges, irrigation, power generation, ports, and others.

2. Building Project

Consists of projects associated with buildings such as hotels and office buildings; construction of public facilities such as hospitals and schools; commercial buildings, residential, industrial and manufacturing, mechanical and electrical work on buildings and industrial, electrical transmission and substations, building automation, power plants, air conditioning and sound systems, radio, telecommunications, and instrumentation and piping.

EPC, which is an extended business of ADHI, is the expansion of construction services business which was chosen because this business is still highly associated with the core business of the Company. ADHI competence in the field of construction is a positive aspect to win the EPC project. Given the competence and resources owned by the Company, ADHI limits EPC work taken only on the construction of power plants and oil & gas. So also with the areas of operation, the EPC division is limited to operate in the territory of Indonesia. This policy is set considering that it’s a new business for ADHI, although the actual EPC project offers a profit margin which is relatively higher compared with construction services.

Investment is expanded business chosen by the ADHI. This business generates high value, although to enter this business would have to confront tough challenges because it requires a mindset that is more on long term, and competencies that are different with what the Company have. By entering the sector of investment, it is expected that ADHI can create EPC business and construction itself, of course, in addition to obtaining profit from its investment business. ADHI limits only plunge into the investment field close to the construction field alone, such as toll roads, property etc.

Job Opportunity at ADHI in April 2012 for Riau Area

PT. Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk is now immediately requiring for candidate to be positioned as :

Tenaga Estimator Biaya – Riau
Requirements : 
  1. D3/ S1 Civil Engineering
  2. Mastering the field of cost estimation and drafter
  3. Experience in the field estimator at least 1 year
  4. Mastering Microsoft Excel and AutoCAD
How to Apply ?
The procedures for applying the work :

Please send your CV and Job Applications through email

Job Note : Please also include your phone number to call


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