Beasiswa Pemimpin Bangsa Angkatan 3 March 2012

Beasiswa Pemimpin Bangsa is a scholarship program in higher education assistance for outstanding students and minimal cost in a residence pattern (Asrama).

Program Background
  1. The potential of the orphans are not channeled to continue their education to a higher level
  2. The cost of college increasingly unaffordable
  3. The need for a systematic attempt to build mental and character of the students 
  4. The need for regeneration movement qualified land candidates and leaders that can be trusted
Program Form :
A. Education Assistance
  • Assistance with entry fee
  • Assistance with college costs (cost per semester)
  • Support the participation of research
  • Support the participation of final task
B. Asrama
1. Religious Education
  • BTQ
  • Islamic Insights
  • Morals
  • Worship
  • Invalidate
2. Social Education
  • Accompanying people
  • Community empowerment program
  • Communication

3. Entrepreneurship Education

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Motivation building
  • Entrepreneurial
4. Educational of Leadership
  • Islamic Leadership
  • Self-management
  • Management of the organization
  • Management of conflict
5. Assistance of allowance for 2 years

Educational Targets
  1. Students of SMA/ MA/ equivalent who will graduate UAN in 2012
  2. Students SMA/ MA/ equivalent who have passed UAN in 2010, 2011 (Has diploma (ijazah))
Registration of Program

If you are interested to join the following program as it explained above, please access the link that can be accessed at below for further informations and references.

Join Us !
For official announcement about the program please go to Beasiswa Pemimpin Bangsa Angkatan 3
Job Note : For registration form and other supporting documents can also be downloaded at the provided link above.

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