PT Virama Karya (Persero) Vacancies March 2012

PT Virama Karya is an Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises engaged in engineering technical sectors consulting and management, among others served this company is transportation, and urban areas, agriculture, water resources, etc.

At first the company is a Private Building Companies named Holland NV Architecten Ingenieurs Bureau Fermont Cuypers. The company was then nationalized by the Government to Perusahaan Negara (P.N) Virama Karya. Consolidation is strengthened by Government Regulation No. runway. 56 in 1961, and P.N. Virama Karya auxiliaries placed under the Department of Public Works and Power.

With the Government Regulation no. 38 of 1970 on the transfer forms from the State EnterprisePerusahaan Negara (P.N) Virama Karya into limited company, more established intents and purposes as a corporation which is then contained in the Articles of Association Articles of the Company with Limited Company (PT) Virama Karya on March 15, 1972 before Notary Djojo Mulyadi SH, Certificate No. 60, dated March 15, 1972.

At the time of its establishment in 1972 the authorized capital of PT Virama Karya is set at Rp 45 million, – (forty five million rupiahs). After several times, most recently : With Notary Ny. Taher Yetty SH,. 10 On August 27, 2008 the Company’s authorized capital is set at Rp 40 billion,- (forty billion dollars) while the paid-up capital of Rp 10 billion set to be,- (ten billion rupiahs). 

Careers at PT Virama Karya (Persero) in March 2012

PT Virama Karya (Persero) is a leading Engineering and Management Consultant who require skilled professionals of international standards as follows :

  1. Senior Highway Engineer
  2. Highway Engineer
  3. Senior Bridge Structure Engineer
  4. Bridge Structure Engineer
  5. Road Safety Audit Expert
  6. Geotechnical Engineer
  7. Senior Geotechnical Engineer
  8. K3 Engineer
  9. Drainage/ Hydrology Engineer
  10. Soil & Material Engineer
  11. Environmental Engineer
  12. Cost Estimator
  13. Document Contract Specialist
  14. Project Control Specialist
  15. Water Resources Engineer
  16. Irigation Engineer
  17. DAM/ Reservoir Engineer
  18. Mechanical/ Electrical Engineer
  19. Architect Engineer
  20. Landscape Engineer
  21. Airport Expert
  22. Tax Expert
  23. Accountant
  24. Secretary
Qualifications :
  • Minimal S1 graduate (for 1-21 working position)
  • Minimal D3 graduate in the appropriate field (for 22-24 working positions)
  • Experienced working in his field of at least 12 years (for all working position)
  • A certificate of skills (for 1-21 working position)
  • Able to speak English in spoken and written (for 1-24 working position)
  • Mastering computer program, MS Excel and special programs according to their field (for 1-24 working position)
  • Mastering program of schedule control and project manufacture (for 14 working position)
  • Willing to be tested and interviewed in Jakarta
  • Willing to be placed in all regions of Indonesia

Application Procedures

Application and latest CV along with the supporting documents please be sent to PO BOX 6046 JKS GN JKS 12120

Job Reference : You can simply access the link at below for detailed official job announcement and application procedures refer to PT Virama Karya (Persero) recruitment


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