Acceptance Announcement of Akademi Militer TNI February 2012

Akademi Militer TNI or Military Academy (Akmil) is an Army training school in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Military Academy educate Army officer. Organizationally, the Military Academy is located in the organizational structure of the Army, led by Governor of the Military Academy which is currently held by Mayjen TNI Bachtiar, S.IP.

Prospective Akmil cadets are high school graduates (IPA and IPS) or MA. Akmil is an education funded by the state.


Akmil education taken within 4 years. With details of education basic soldiering named Keprajuritan Chandradimuka conducted with AAL and AAU during the first year, for phase I – IV for 4 year degree. Starting this year cadets who pass will receive the title Bachelor of Defense. During years of schooling, cadets are not allowed to marry until the applicant has undergone two years after the bond department inducted into Second Lieutenant. For graduates majored in General Science, IPS is for graduates majoring in Administration.

At Level III, cadets were divided into five departments, namely the Combat Department, Department of Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Equipment, Transportation and Engineering Department of Administration.

Towards the end of education, for Jurusan Tempur special cadets (General) is further divided into 3 (three) corps who will bear the Infantry, Cavalry, Field Artillery and Air Defense Artillery. For special cadet Jurusan Administrasi special cadets divided into 6 (six) corps that will bear the provisioning of Transport, Topography, Military Police, Adjutant General, Finance, and Airmen.

All subfield is the choice of the cadets themselves, but must be tailored to the results of psychological tests by each cadet at the end of education.

Job Announcement at Akademi Militer TNI – February 2012
Official Acceptance Announcement of Akademi Militer TNI

Program penerimaan Taruna Akademi Militer is one of the strengths of personnel development activities to meet the needs of officers who are prepared to man the Army organization.

Successful achievement of revenue targets Akmil Taruna, is determined by the implementation of the campaign/ publication and selection, which refers to the applicable provisions in the revenue officer’s career soldiers and executed in a coordinated manner with orientation for prospective cadets of Akmil quality of the entire region proportionately.

As the elaboration of program acceptance and guidance on the implementation of Taruna Akmil TA 2012 Acceptance, at both the regional and central levels, should be made in the implementation of the plan (Renlakgiat) on Taruna Akmil acceptance.

Taruna Akmil TNI – TA 2012

The registration process will be held until March 30th, 2012.

Registration Procedures

If you are interested to join in, please access the detailed informations and references about Acceptance Announcement of Akmil TNI through the link that has been provided at above.

Please note that this Acceptance Announcement was originally provided by Tentara Nasional Indonesia. Please refer to the official webpage for the complete references.

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