Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia Vacancy February 2012 as a Finance Coordinator

Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia or Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia.

Ministry of Health has the task to assist President in performing government’s affairs in the health sector :

In carrying out the task, the Department of Health has the functions :
  • National policy formulation, policy implementation and technical policy in the field of health;
  • Implementation of government affairs in accordance with its assignments;
  • Management of property / wealth of the country which they are responsible;
  • Oversight of the execution of his duty.
  • Submitting the evaluation report, suggestion and consideration in the tasks and functions to the President;
In the functions, the Ministry of Health has the authority :
  • Establishment of national health policies to support macro development;
  • Establishment of guidelines to determine the minimum service standards that must be implemented by the district / city in the field of Health;
  • Macro national planning in health;
  • Establishment of educational institutions and the accreditation requirements of the certification of professionals / experts as well as job requirements in the health sector;
  • Guidance and supervision over the regional autonomy which includes the provision of guidelines, guidance, training, direction and supervision in the field of health;
  • Setting the application of international treaty or agreement ratified on behalf of the State in the field of health;
  • Determination by the local licensing standards in the field of health;
  • Prevention of epidemics and national disasters in health;
  • Establishment of a national information system policies in the health sector;
  • Determination and qualification requirements in the field of health services;
  • Settlement of disputes between the provinces in the field of health;
  • Setting policy and controlling the birth rate decline in maternal mortality, infant, and child;
  • Determination of policy on public health care insurance;
  • Guidelines setting standards of education and utilization of health personnel;
  • Establishment of guidelines for health care financing;
  • Setting guidelines for screening, development and implementation of health technologies and health research ethics standards;
  • Setting standards and guidelines for the nutritional value and nutritional health technology certification;
  • Establishment of standards of accreditation of health facilities and infrastructure;
  • Epidemiological surveillance and eradication regulation and penenggulangan outbreaks, infectious diseases and outbreaks;
  • Provision of certain essential drugs and medicines for basic health services is essential (national stock buffer);
Other authorities in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation as follows :
  • Placement and removal of certain health professionals;
  • The licensing and development of production and distribution of medical devices.

Job Offer at Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia in February 2012
Pusat Data dan Informasi Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia
Principal Recipient GF Cross-Cutting Health System Strengthening Interventions No: KU.04.01/1/0402/2012

The Global Fund is a multilateral donor that currently supports Pusat Data dan Informasi (PUSDATIN) Kementerian Kesehatan RI as the Principal Recipient to implement Health System Strengthening Program (HSS) under the Cross-Cutting Health System Strengthening Interventions Grant which has been approved for 5 years implementation in 24 provinces and 138 districts/municipalities in Indonesia. The Project Management Unit (PMU) of PR is looking for potential qualified candidates to fill the following position :

Finance Coordinator
Qualifications :
  • Have an experience as Finance Controller at least 2 years
  • Have an experience as an auditor at least 1 year
  • Have experience in managing the Global Fund funding (preferably)
Contract Duration Status : 1 year with possibility to be extended

General Requirements : S1 Economic/Accountancy (S2 preferably), Age 35-45 years, Proficient in English both oral and written, have an experience in the usage of computer, internet and an accounting software package and candidates must have a good communication and skill as finance manager.


Please do the registration before the deadline date of application submission on March 10th, 2012.

Interested and qualified should access the official job announcement to know “how to apply” complete information at DepKes RI announcement

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