Sampoerna School of Business Program Scholarship

Putera Sampoerna Foundation, better known as Sampoerna Foundation is a nonprofit foundation founded by Putera Samporna and the other shareholders of PT HM Sampoerna founded in 2001 aims to increase national education in Indonesia
  1. Scholarship
  2. Student financial assistance (see list of partner universities)
  3. Integrated School Building Program
  4. Educator Institutional Development Program
  5. Institutional Development Programme (see Sampoerna School of Business and Management-ITB)
  6. Repair of Education
Putera Sampoerna Foundation ( PSF ) is the first social businesses Institution in Indonesia embracing the vision to create competent and reliable Indonesian future leaders and entrepreneurs capable of dealing with global challenges. The Putera Sampoerna Foundation is an affiliation of PT Sampoerna Strategic.

The four main pillars of Putera Sampoerna Foundation is quality education for well-achieving, but underprivileged students, job creation through entrepreneurship development programs, public enlightenment through the empowerment of women, and the distribution of aid and relief programs for compassionate and disaster relief. Embracing the main strategy of ‘Pathway to Leadership’, PSF aims to produce 1,000 future leaders each year destined to improve their society. In carrying out its activities, PSF is supported by strategic partners including Sahabat Wanita, Siswa Bangsa and Bait Al-Kamil, and initiatively establishes ACCESS Education Beyond to promote student exchange programs cooperation with overseas universities. There is also the MEKAR Entrepreneur Network, a comprehensive portal and development center for entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

Since its founding in 2001, PSF has distributed more than 34,600 scholarships; organized training programs for more than 19,000 teachers and principals, adopted 23 schools and 5 madrasah schools (Islamic schools). In 2009, PSF founded a boarding school with international standards, the Sampoerna Academy. There is also the Sampoerna School of Education, an advanced school that creates future generations of educators, which became the first element in the establishment of a world-class university. In 2010, the foundation launched the Sampoerna School of Business. PSF is the pioneer non-profit organization to acquire an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate. Applying the principles of transparency and accountability in all its activities, PSF has gained trust from more than 300 corporations, organizations, and associations to carry out CSR programs. PSF is periodically audited by independent international auditors, publishing the reports in the Putera Sampoerna Foundation annual book report.

The social business concept that PSF implements aims to change the understanding of business, from the standpoint of “profit seeking” to “help the greater community.” This concept adopts the thought of Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2006, who initiated the Social Business movement.

The social business concept focuses on creating more opportunities for pre-prosperous communities through sustainable programs and increasing the social awareness among business people. Social businesses, however, could not walk alone as they require the participation of both corporations and individuals who care to invest.

Holding the reputation of the first social business institution in Indonesia, PSF serves as a CSR operator for corporations and individuals to run programs that are based on the said four pillars of education, entrepreneurship, female empowerment, and disaster relief.

Hopefully, with more participation from corporations and individuals, equality in education and community empowerment programs will better penetrate areas, particularly for pre-prosperous, well-achieving students. Hence, there will be best quality generations that will excel the nation. As PSF believes, together, we can make a difference!

Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s Primary Goal:
The Pathway to Leadership
The Foundation has granted more than 32,000 scholarships, from elementary to graduate levels, to financially deserving students across Indonesia. These students must exhibit good academic performance and a strong sense of social responsibility. These scholars had to undergo a stringent qualification process which included academic tests, psychological profiling, focus discussion groups and interviews by various experts.

Vision & Mission
  • To create high caliber future leaders and entrepreneurs for Indonesia to meet the challenges of global participation.
  • To create jobs through entrepreneurial development
  • To develop high caliber future leaders through education
  • To enlighten general populace through woman empowerment
  • To become a role model for other philanthropic organizations in Indonesia
  • To be professional, compassionate, transparent and to constantly search for excellence
  • To support the needs of the Republic of Indonesia, our beneficiaries, their communities, our partners and our donors
What We Do 
The Putera Sampoerna Foundation has a grand strategy – the Pathway to Leadership – to achieve its social business goals and to create high caliber of future leaders and entrepreneurs who are able to meet global challenges. These are not just any leaders, but competent leaders with moral integrity and a strong commitment to social justice.

In order to support the Pathway to Leadership, the foundation engages in 4 pillars of activities. These are education, entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment and compassionate relief programs. Each of the pillars is crucial in shaping the social business institution and producing a level of leadership that has been heretofore unimagined in Indonesia.

The 1st pillar is education. Education is the core of the Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s social business programs. The foundation has opened Sampoerna Academies in a number of cities across the country. Sampoerna Academy is a network of boarding schools with international standard for students from the top 5 to 10% of junior high schools who come from disadvantaged families.

The Foundation’s 2nd pillar entrepreneurship is crucial in creating high caliber of entrepreneurs who are able to create jobs. With this in mind, it has launched the MEKAR Entrepreneur Network, which seeks to strengthen the Indonesian entrepreneurial community by fostering and creating relationships among entrepreneurs and angel investors.

The 3rd pillar is women’s empowerment. The Foundation has launched Sahabat Wanita, or Friends of Women, to promote the empowerment of women and gender equality in Indonesia. This is key in a country where a lot of women in the family often work in the informal sector out of economic necessity.

The 4th and final pillar of the Putera Sampoerna Foundation is compassionate relief. The Foundation trains future leaders to show compassion and give back to the communities they came from. It has created Bait Al-Kamil or the House of Perfection, a caring humanitarian institute with the aim to improve the welfare of fellow citizens and provide relief to underprivileged families in communities afflicted by natural disasters.

The Putera Sampoerna Foundation is helping to build Indonesia into the dynamic and innovative world leader it could be, but no organization can do this alone. The Putera Sampoerna Foundation needs your support. We need to join together people from all walks of life to make the nation great. We need to fulfill the potential of each and every citizen of this great land. We need to move forward and develop Indonesia’s true potential. Together, we can make a difference for Indonesia.

The University
“To develop a world class University based on academic excellence, life-skills and character development to raise the standards of national leadership, professionalism and human capital with equal access for all through subsidized education.”
With the aim of addressing the needs of Indonesia and its masses, the Foundation embarked on building an international-standard University, which will give birth to the country’s future leaders and help it reach its full potential. Supplementing the government’s education initiatives, the Foundation will focus on providing deserving teens from the lowest economic quintile a world class tertiary education with the goal of developing these unique individuals to become competent leaders that possess moral integrity and a commitment to social justice.

As a key component of Putera Sampoerna’s “Pathway to Leadership” strategy, the University is designed to be a microcosm of a leading American university. The ultimate aim would be to establish a university that becomes a world class higher education model for Indonesia, with best practices and a strong international and local faculty that would accommodate young visionaries and potential leaders who would positively contribute to society and economic development.

This would be done through the formation of a consortium with other world class universities, each, or in concert, investing an equity stake and management lead in their respective areas of specialization and school disciplines.
This would allow the University to provide affordable, quality tertiary education for the financially disadvantaged, allowing them access to international programs and faculty, real-world experience, research and development facilities, leading-edge technology, private sector engagement and life-long learning opportunities through distributed learning.

Sampoerna School of Business Program
The Sampoerna School of Business offers the Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Management degrees, specialization in finance, management, and marketing, programs.
Bachelor of Accounting graduates will be acclimatized to the today’s complex business environment and satisfy the requirements of professional accountancy firms. Graduates will have a wide range of career selections, including public accounting, and financial auditor, planner and consultant.

The Bachelor of Management program offers the skills of making sound business and management decisions, ranging from the fields of energy to banking to entertainment. Students can seek additional expertises necessary to excel in the business world by signing up for a specialist training program in the fields of finance, management and marketing.

Admission to the Sampoerna School of Business is based on academic merit. Applicants must be a graduate of a Senior High School (SMA) or Islamic Religious School (Madrasah) and submit their legally certified Academic Report (Grade 10 to 12) or a High School Diploma that shows an average grade of no less than 7.00 or equivalent.

Sampoerna School of Business is open to students with academic achievements and high dedication regardless of their financial status.

SSB provides a variety of options for students and their families to pay for the tuition fee. Many of the options are provided based on the needs, as determined by the school, covering full or partial sponsorship, as well as other financing options. SSB will also help students who are not eligible to get financial assistance from outside the school.

Applicants are required to fill in the Expression of Interest form to:

The Sampoerna School of Business
Building A, Mulia Business Park
Jl. Letjen. MT. Haryono Kav. 58-60, Jakarta 12780.
Telephone : + 62 21 794-2340
Facsimile : + 62 21 794-2330
Scholarships are available only for candidates who meet the requirements. For more information, please contact


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